Why Use APITier API?

What Is APITier?

APITier is a Highly Scalable Restful API. API Tier provides a set of APIs to help you build day-to-day Verification, WEB Conversion, Data Conversion, and UK PostCode to enrich the user experience & expedite development.

APITier provides a free trial API Key to access all APITier APIs. Once the signup process is completed the page will be redirected to the sign-in page and your account comes with a free trial API KEY, to access all APITier APIs. APITier is the fastest, most reliable way to capture accurate API responses.

Why Use APITier API?

Pay As You Go Pricing

Simple, easy-to-understand Pay As You Go pricing. Affordable plans – suitable for startups to large enterprises.

Pay Per Request

You pay only for the queries that you run. You are charged for each successful request.

Easy to Use

API Tier has designed a simple REST API to query UK PostCode API, Verification API, WEB Conversion API, DATA Conversion API, INDIA Pincode API, and BARCode API.

Easy to Integrate

API Tier is easy to integrate self-explanatory API that will get you up and running in under 5 minutes.

Efficient Application development

Simple API design allows you to quickly iterate, test, and release new versions.

Accurate Data

The most up-to-date & accurate data.

Start querying instantly

You can quickly query your data without having to set up or manage any servers or data warehouses.

Performance at any scale

APIs are backed by a robust highly scalable cloud infrastructure. Provide end users with the lowest latency for API calls.

Unlock the power of APITier APIs

Validate with ease

Verify emails, phone numbers, and VAT numbers quickly and accurately with our Validate APIs. Get real-time feedback on which information is valid and which isn’t.

Get the most out of your data

Our Data Conversion API helps you convert your data into different formats quickly and efficiently. We also provide a PostCode Lookup API to get accurate location information in seconds.

Stay ahead of the game

Our User Agent API allows you to detect user device types, web browsers, operating systems, and more, so you can stay ahead of the competition in personalizing user experiences.

Be prepared for anything

APITier provides a wide range of additional APIs such as Web To PDF and Web Scrape to ensure that you are always prepared for any situation that may arise. Generate BarCodes and QR Codes with our intuitive APIs and get ready for the future!

Looking to make your user experience as fast and reliable as possible? APITier is here for you! Their highly scalable RESTful API provides a suite of options, from verification to data conversion services. Signing up grants you access with a free trial key – plus they offer Pay As You Go pricing perfect for businesses of any size. With the pay-per-request system, only successful queries are charged so that companies save money while staying in control. Get on board today by signing up with APITier!