The HTTP method defines the action the client makes on the requested resource at the given URI. The HTTP standard defines nine different kinds of HTTP methods.

POST   Create a new resource underneath this one, based on the given representation.
GETGet a representation of this resource.
PUT   Replace the state of this resource with the one described in the given representation.
DELETE   Destroy this resource.
PATCH This is the address (numeric address) of a computer that is connected to the Internet; this is also called the Internet address.
HEADGet the headers that would be sent along with a representation of this resource, but not the representation itself.
OPTIONSDiscover which HTTP methods this resource responds to.
CONNECTStarts two-way communications with the requested resource, can be used to open a tunnel.
TRACEPerforms a message loop-back test to the target resource, providing a useful debugging mechanism