What is the postcode for Edinburgh? 

It is not possible to provide a single postcode for all of Edinburgh, as Edinburgh is a large and populous city with many different postal areas. In the UK, postcodes are made up of two parts: the outward code and the inward code. The outward code consists of one or two letters that identify the postal area, and one or two digits that identify the sector within the postal area. The inward code consists of two letters that identify the delivery point within the sector. 

To find the postcode for a specific address in London, you can use a UK Postcode API from the APITier, or you can check the address using APITier’s online free tool for the Find By PostCode API. You can also try using a search engine and typing in the address along with the word “postcode.” 

It is important to note that Edinburgh is divided into many different postal areas, each with its own set of postcodes. Some examples of postcodes for different areas of Edinburgh include: 

  • EH1 2AA: Central Edinburgh 
  • EH15 1AF: South East Edinburgh 
  • EH9 3HZ: South West Edinburgh 
  • EH7 4AF: North Edinburgh 

Overall, the specific postcode for a particular address in Edinburgh will depend on the postal area in which the address is located 

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