The proper way to format a UK address is as follows: 

  • Start with the recipient’s name on the first line. 
  • On the next line, include the house number and street name. 
  • On the third line, include the town or city. 
  • On the fourth line, include the county (if applicable). 
  • On the final line, including the postcode. 

Here is an example of a properly formatted UK address: 

Mr. John Smith 123 Main Street London Greater London SW1 1AA 

It’s important to use the correct postal code, as it helps ensure that the mail is delivered to the correct location. The postal code consists of two parts: the outward code, which identifies the postal district, and the inward code, which identifies the specific address. 

Find Any UK Address For Free

The “Find By PostCode” API gets addresses for the given UK PostCode.

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