Problem Statement

As a service provider, and the owner of the application I would like to provide an option for the user to auto-populate the address after typing postcodes or outcodes – the first part of the postcode.


Postcode Lookup API from the APITier gets addresses for the given UK PostCode. This API provides a JSON interface to search UK addresses for a postcode.


Accurate Postcode Data

Powered by the most accurate, continuously updated Postcode Data, covering 30m+ UK Delivery Addresses, and 1.8m UK Postcodes.

Geocoding Coordinates for Map

API provides the most accurate longitude and latitude, geocoding coordinates for the addresses to locate addresses on the Map.

Instant Postcode Lookup

Instantly start querying addresses by typing Postcodes or outcodes(first part of the Postcode)

Use Cases

  • Booking Form for the Shopping website
  • Reduce abandoned shopping cart
  • Payment Form for the e-Commerce application
  • Get an Accurate Billing Address