Problem Statement

As a service provider, and the owner of the application I would like to provide an option for the user to give address suggestions after typing a complete or partial address search term.


Address Lookup API from the APITier gets addresses for the given search term.


AutoComplete Addresses

AutoComplete addresses by a search term, any string from the address, city, area, district, PostCode, or OutCode(first part of the PostCode).

Geocoding Coordinates for MAP

API provides the most accurate longitude and latitude, geocoding coordinates for the addresses. Those can be used in conjunction with a map to locate addresses on the Map.

Instant Address Lookup

Address Autocomplete is provided as easy to integrate UI form feature that suggests addresses to users as they type an address into a form. This reduces the number of keystrokes & mistakes that a user types, and it can make data submission faster and more accurate. 

API Features

  • Simple RESTFUL API
  • Easy To Integrate
  • Up-To-Date Data
  • Mobile-friendly JSON API
  • Affordable Plans
  • Pay As You Go Pricing