How does Address Lookup Work?

What is Address lookup? 

Address lookup provides the fastest, most reliable way to capture accurate addresses.  We can help ensure that any address you collect is identifiable and deliverable. An address lookup, also called address verification or validation, is the process of confirming the accuracy of location data. 

Why use Address Lookup? 

  • Rapid Address Entry 
  • Filtering 
  • Word Abbreviations 
  • Helping the user to find an accurate address, minimizing the risk of typing errors 
  • It’s easy to use and user friendly 
  • Ensures accurate data by providing up-to-date information 

How does Address Lookup Work?

Address Lookup is a smart search where a user starts typing in any part of the address and they are presented with the closes match as they type. The details will autocomplete in real time. 

In Address Lookup there are two way

  1. Addresses    
  1. Address Autosuggest (Autocomplete) 

Each of these methods allows users to enter a part of their address and select a full and complete address in moments.  

For each address lookup, we return data about that address. 

Prior to this click, the user will start to input the address details. Addresses search its records for addresses that match the details input. The most closely matched results are displayed in a drop-down list. 

Address Lookup  

Start typing in any part of your address and the details will autofill in real time. 

Benefits of Address Lookup – 

  • Simplifying the customer onboarding and checkout process 
  • Updating organization databases with accurate information 
  • Accurate and Up-to-date Data 
  • Save Time and Money 
  • Improve the Quality of Data 
  • Fight Fraud 
  • Improve Staff Efficiency 
  • Customer Segmentation 
  • Customer Satisfaction