API Tier provides a suite of Verification, WEB Conversion, Data Conversion, and UK PostCode APIs.

These are core building blocks to help you build day-to-day address, email, VAT, User Agent validation, Web Scraping, Data conversion, enrich the user experience, and expedite development.

The highly scalable, restful API solution that facilitates web conversion, data transformation, and more. Plus – get a free trial API key to access all of our APIs! Take advantage of pay-as-you-go pricing for increased affordability and convenience, you only need to pay per request in order for each successful query to run through the system. Let APITier be your top choice when it comes to enriching user experience while expediting development time!

This API set consists of

UK PostCode API

Find By PostCode

Gets addresses for the given UK PostCode. This API provides a JSON interface to search UK addresses for a postcode.

Access the most accurate and up-to-date postcode data available to enhance your customer experience. Our postcode data service is easy to use, secure, and cost-effective. Get started now to improve customer targeting and streamline your digital processes.

Find By Address

Get the most accurate address data with our free Address Lookup API. Our powerful, reliable, and easy-to-use API provides businesses with comprehensive address validation and verification capabilities. Get started today with free access to our secure and fast API.

Gets the complete address result for the search term (Example- “165 Queen’s Gate”)


Gets address for the specified UDPRN. UDPRN are unique identifiers for every address in the UK that Royal Mail has in its database.

Address AutoSuggest

Our Address AutoSuggest API helps you find accurate addresses quickly. With our easy-to-use API, you can autocomplete addresses in real-time and ensure accuracy with real-time validation.

This gets a list of the address suggestions results for a complete or partial address search term.
A search term can be any string from the address, city, area, district, PostCode, or OutCode(first part of the PostCode)
Example – “Queen’s Gate”, “Westminster”, “London” “SW1A 0AA” or “SW1A”
This API response should be used to add a suggestion dropdown. Then use “Find By UDPRN” to get more details of the selected address.

Verification API

Validate Email

Validate your email lists with the reliable Email Validate API. Our accurate and fast email verification service helps you reduce bounce rates and keep your emails from ending up in the spam folder.

Validate Phone

Validate national and international phone numbers and get location information about the phone number. Phone Validator is the fastest and most reliable way to verify, validate, and clean telephone numbers. Instantly check if a phone number is valid or invalid with our easy-to-use online tool.

Validate VAT

Validates VAT numbers for verification and gets company information, including address, returned for each VAT number.

Validate UK and EU VAT numbers quickly and accurately with our API. Our API is easy to use and reliable, offering support for all 28 EU countries & UK. With our API, you can streamline your tax compliance process and save time on manual VAT checks

Validate VAT numbers quickly and accurately with our reliable API. Our UK & EU VAT validation service helps businesses comply with the latest tax regulations.

User Agent

Parses any User Agent string to detect Browser, Engine, OS, CPU, Device type/model, etc.

Get detailed information about website visitors with our free User Agent Parsing API. Instantly identify the browsers, operating systems, and devices used by your users to ensure your web applications are optimized for maximum compatibility and performance.

Data Conversion API

Get the data conversion services you need to ensure efficient data processing. Our experts can transform any format into any other format quickly and accurately. Get reliable data conversions with our top-notch services.

High-Performance data conversion REST API from one format to another most frequently used data format. Most frequently used conversions


Web Conversion API

ScreenShot API

Need to take screenshots quickly and easily? Our Screenshot API makes it simple. Get detailed screenshots of web pages, capture website elements, and track changes over time. Get the most out of your screenshot needs with our easy-to-use API.


Capture full-page screenshots and PDFs with the press of a button. Our screenshot tool is easy to use and doesn’t require any special software or downloads. Simply enter the URL, adjust your settings, and get exactly what you need.

Web To Text API

Web Content Extractor is an easy-to-use tool to quickly extract text from web pages, HTML documents, and other online sources. Extract text from multiple webpages in one go and save time with Web Content Extractor.

Web Scrape API

Get the most out of your data with WebScrape API. Our cloud-based platform helps you easily extract, transform, and analyze data from any website or web page. Get started with our easy-to-use interface and sophisticated extraction tool.

India Pincode API

Get the complete Indian postal code database with our easy-to-use API. Our Pincode API is free and simple to use, ensuring fast and accurate results. Get started now and access over one million pin codes across India in just a click.

Find By Pincode

JSON API to query India Pincode

Find By Place

JSON API to query India Places

BarCode API

Generate BarCode

Get barcode generation capabilities for your business with our BarCode Generator API. Easily generate, customize, and customize 1D and 2D barcodes quickly and reliably. With our versatile API, you can create highly reliable & compatible barcodes.

Generate QRCode

Create secure QR codes with ease using our fast and reliable QR code generation API. Our APIs are fully featured, providing a quick and easy way to generate custom QR codes for your business. Get started today and get the most out of your QR.

Don’t spend time & effort on building & maintaining basic software building blocks!