Problem Statement

As a service provider, the owner of the application I should be able to get valid National and International phone numbers and get location information for phone numbers on subscriptions, bookings, or any kind of form.


“Validate Phone” API validates national and international phone numbers and gets location information about the phone number.


Quality Lead Conversion

Identify duplicate user accounts, stolen user data, and fake registrations. Automatically block low-quality accounts.

Cleansing Data

Cleansing your existing contact database. Ensure data that you are collecting is valid, accurate, and fresh to prevent fake leads.

Prevent Fraud

Mitigate chargebacks, high-risk transactions, and all types of eCommerce fraud by detecting phone numbers associated with recent malicious behavior.

API Features

  • Covering phone numbers from 245 countries
  • Getting Geocode location
  • Getting TimeZones information
  • Checking Live Carrier Details
  • Supporting different Formating
    • Local
    • National
    • International
    • E164
  • Simple RESTFUL API
  • Easy To Integrate
  • Mobile-friendly JSON API
  • Affordable Plans
  • Pay As You Go Pricing


Validate Phone Number API can be integrated with any website or mobile app which requires secure & Guaranteed phone validation.

Example Use Cases –

  • Registration and Subscription Forms
  • Booking Form for the Shopping website
  • Payment Form for the e-Commerce application
  • B2B Marketing